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Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Australasia is a community based crime prevention program aimed at minimising the incidence of preventable crime, in particular, burglary and theft within a defined area. Through a willingness to work together, Police and the community can reduce crime in their area and improve the quality of life.

The NHW program encourages and teaches residents how to accurately take details and report any suspicious person and unusual or criminal activities in their area. This enables Police to provide a better service as well as provide a safer area for you.

The NHW Australasia is an important communication tool for NHW volunteers and administrators throughout Australasia. It allows them to advertise local activities and communicate their successes. It provides practical crime prevention and community safety advice, and this information is disseminated through the broader community via local NHW area newsletters.

Readership (approx)20,000
SizeA4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
Format8 different sponsor inserts to support local members with corporate sponsors in all copies.
DistributionNHW Co-ordinators, NHW Administrations & Volunteers

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia has 3 editions per year – April, August and December. Artwork is required 6 weeks prior to delivery date.

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