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Countrywide Austral (CWA) is a leading custom media publisher serving as the official publisher for many of Australia’s Community Benefit and Not for Profit organisations. Countrywide Austral possesses over fifteen (15) years of experience producing magazines, handbooks and journals which provide an opportunity for clients to effectively communicate to their members and target markets.

In addition to traditional media products, Countrywide Austral offers its client partners a comprehensive digital media/social media package. This is a flexible approach that will enable the company to provide anything from a basic web site to a full scale social web site.

With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, CWA is a major custom media publisher servicing more than 70 per cent of the community group-based sector, particularly police, emergency service associations and child safety groups. Its blue-chip partners include Australian Federal Police Association, Ambulance Employees Australia, Blue Light, Police Citizen Youth Clubs, Neighbourhood Watch, State Emergency Services and more. More on Clients & Publications

During this time, Countrywide Austral has held long term contracts with various Police departments throughout Australia and New Zealand, Australian Federal Police Association, State Emergency Service Volunteer Associations of Australia and the United Firefighters Union of Australia. The company also publishes journals for local affiliates of national organisations such as Neighbourhood Watch and Blue Light. Countrywide Austral and several of its client partners are actively engaged in promoting child safety through the creation and publication of the Street Smart Handbook which provides a guide to assist children grow into adulthood. Through the efforts of Countrywide Austral and its client partners, public school children are provided this valuable handbook free of charge and have been for over 13 years.

Countrywide Austral now produces over 100 printed products per year seen by more than 500,000 people Australia wide.  CWA has offices in Sydney and Melbourne and resources include a substantial sales force, a production studio, inbound sales support centre, advertising executives and outbound telesales who are professional and follow sales ‘best practice’. For more: see Our Values and Business ethics. For more: see Company Vision.

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