Victoria State Emergency Service

Victoria State Emergency Service

Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) works to ensure the safety of Victorian communities by responding to emergencies and disasters across the state.

VIC SES are committed to developing and strengthening community partnerships to help keep all Victorians safe during emergencies.

A volunteer-based organisation, SES provides emergency assistance to the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SES is the control agency during emergency responses to floods, storms, earthquakes and tsunamis in Victoria, and is the largest provider of road rescue in the state.

VIC SES also assist the Victoria Police in search and rescue operations, and play an important support role during major bushfire responses.

As well as providing support on the ground, SES plays an important role in assisting municipal councils and their communities with emergency management plans, providing advice, information, education and training.

SES volunteers and professional staff share a dedication to our core values:

  • valuing our people,
  • commitment,
  • trust,
  • accountability,
  • integrity
  • and a community focus

An important message from Faye Bendrups, Independent Chairperson, Victoria State Emergency Service to our supporters.

Faye Bendrups