Blue Light Association

Blue Light Association

Bluelight & Countrywide Austral Leaders

Blue Light is primarily associated with discos, and whilst this remains a core initiative, others such as youth camps, recreational and sporting activities and self-defence classes have evolved. This provides opportunities for our youth to enjoy themselves in activities, which are drug and alcohol free, and are supervised by Police and volunteers.

Blue Light Magazine
Official Blue Light Magazine
The National Blue Light Magazine focuses on initiatives and techniques designed to equip Police and Volunteers with information to help provide Australian youth with the best possible recreational pursuits. The magazine is published 3 times a year and covers youth camps, recreational and sporting activities and self-defence.

It is strategically produced for statewide sponsors to be placed in the insert in the centre of the magazine for each appropriate state. National sponsors to be placed on the covers or within the content must be 1/4 page or larger. All advertising assistance is gratefully received and is essential for the ongoing support of this publication.

Blue Light Wall Calendar
The Wall Calendar is an important tool which showcases to the community the fantastic job that Blue Light volunteers perform. It is also a vehicle for updating all relevant contact numbers and upcoming events.